Revolution Mesh Chair

Revolution Mesh Chair

Champ 01

Dressed to kill, this array teams-up mesh with superior designing that makes it virtually immune to rough usage. Its
ergonomical style goes ahead to make it very relaxing for the back. So go ahead, indulge!

Directors Chairs

Directors Chairs

M . Pixel 01

Authority now comes in 3 bold,h a rd-to-re si st designs. Deep contours, sturdy outlook and clean panels, add to the royal character.

Auditorium Chairs

Auditorium Chairs

CF 04

Solid, sturdy and low on maintenance, this series is apt for theatres and places with high crowd intensity. Additionally, their broad base and snack table makes it extremely user friendly as it can be use as writing table. An additional, a Cup Holder can also be provided.

Freeflow Series

Freeflow series

Signature 01

Club together a sofa with backrest with a puffies and watch any space transform in a piece of art, almost magically.


Puffies & Cubes

Arrange them in a circle make a caterpillar or simply put them in the corners.These squares and not-so-squares let you get creative and give your entire lobby a make-over. So, just use your imagination and create you very own, signature look.

Lounge / Swivel Chair

Lounge / Swivel Series

Cummins 08

Serious and business-like on the inside. Fun and vibrant on the outside. Much like a true businessman who endeavours to reflect a poised imagery, this series adds personality to private cabins, waiting lobbies as well as lounges.

Contemporary Sofa

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